Deciding on a Reception Spot


Picking the right reception spot for your post-wedding ceremony can be a difficult choice.

There are so many options, how will you ever decide?

What I suggest is that you begin by asking yourself what do you like, and what do you want for your after wedding ceremony party. Do you want to party all night long with loud music? Or are you looking for something calmer, maybe just dinner and some light music.

After you’ve made a decision as to what type of after-party you and your spouse are looking for, it is time to think about location. There are plenty of nice spots near beaches and lakes to give it a more natural feel.

Or you can go for those locations in nice luxurious hotels to give it a more classic look.

Furthermore, don’t forget to include your budget in all this. Some locations can be very pricey. You want to do your research, go online, visit the actual site, have a sit down with one of their representatives and talk prices.

Prices may vary by what you want included, so if you are on a tight budget you can eliminate the open bar, or cut the hours of the DJ. All these little things help to reduce the cost.

Also, don’t forget to make your reservations with enough time in advance. Some of these receptions are booked years in advance! Can you imagine?

 Don’t fall behind, because the one spot you might fall in love with might already be taken by another couple on your same special night.

Whatever your choice may be in the end, just remember this is your special night and it should cater to all your needs and wants. For more ideas and tips on how to plan your perfect wedding don’t forget to visit our site all for the ultimate wedding-saving ideas. And now check out their new plus-size selection of bridal gowns. We hope your wedding reception is everything you want it to be and more.





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